Contextual Popunder Traffic : Contextual popunder Traffic can be divided into two categories:-

Adware / desktop based Contextual Advertising

Adware / desktop based contextual advertising is based on the ads delivery through Adware or toolbar applications which the user has installed on his system while installing free or any supporting software, The use of software or toolbar is binded with the terms of agreement with the software development company where by the user uses the software for free against agreeing on getting the adware or desktop application which can be a toolbar to serve relevant ads like pop under or banners.

Targeting Options:-

The integrated approach where toolbar is integrated into the user's laptop or PC identifies the strings being used in browsers and also can track the browsing history...

* Allows Keywords targeted advertising
* Allows URL targeted advertising
* Allows retargeting

Publisher based contextual Advertising

Publisher based contextual Advertising is more of an alternate to Adware / desktop advertising where Advertisers are rather keener to serve ads via a web site group or individual sites.

Targeting Options:-

Advertising is targeted to the site content and HTML outfit of the site, for keyword targeting ads are targeted to the keywords which are contained in the META tags.

* Allows Keywords targeted advertising

Contextual Pop-under Traffic Rates Card

Contextual Campaigns Are bid based and traffic is allocated to different Advertisers based on the bidding and competitor's biddings; however there are min bids which should be met to get the contextual campaign into play.

Contextual Campaigns min bid: $0.007 CPV (For All geo's) RON Campaigns min bid: $0.003 CPV

Min Campaign commitment $1,000**

No Set up or Management Fee

Traffic available varies with features like:-

* Keyword / URL selection
* Geographic approach
* Frequency capping
* Competitors bidding

**for the about CPM rates, else revised rates will apply for campaign less than $1,000

Cheap Popunder Traffic available across the globe

We have global presence for popunder traffic, we have huge presence in US, UK, Europe, AUS and Asia. We have potential to deliver over 3 million unique impressions per day across the globe. Technology that we supports can deliver multiple ad types, we can do full page ads to customized banner ads being served as popunders. Banner popunder ads however performs well based on the industry types like download or shopping industry. Popunder Traffic Available across the globe is subjected to availability based on the current active campaigns, but for Global campaigns reaching ut such volumes is never an issue.

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Popunder and Banner Advertising covering over 70% of Media Buying Industry

Display advertising, popunder ads and banner ads between them cover a big percentage of spend across the Media Buying industry, other modes or sources being search ads, cpc text ads, email marketing, floating banner ads etc.. We see that Popunder advertising has come a long way, despite being one of the traditional ways of push marketing in online industry they have become very popular due to latest technology and adserving techniques. With contextual and behavioural technologies available for targeting for both banner and popunders client get an added advantage to get the Media targeted to best effect.

Contextual targeting for popunders & Banners allows clients to target specific users, where as behavioral allows retargeting of users looking at their earlier behavior and surfing interest. These platform developments has been one of the major reasons for the raising Media buying percentage.

Pop-up Traffic another potential alternate

Popup Traffic has also prove to be another potential alternate to popunder display advertising, popunder advertising has however been more focused on since they pop under the current browser, popup even though at times are considered to be more irritating ad type as it does annoy the users at times but if done with perfect targeting and delivered to focused audience can be a very effective mode for Branding solutions. Popup Ads traffic is best way of online push marketing techniques and have been successful to some extent.

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Why to choose Popunder Traffic

Popunder advertising has been existent for quite some time now, and many companies are enjoying the benefits of this technique. As new companies bring themselves out in the market, one of the major concerns bothering them is that of their popularity, sales and marketing. They try and look for effective ways to ensure that people are aware of their brand, and that their online sales increase as much as possible. For this, it becomes important to ensure that more and more people are visiting the company website. Only then do these visitors have a chance of becoming actual customers.

Popunder advertising helps to generate this traffic and the subsequent increase in the number of customers. Instead of opening the ads in another browser window like popup ads, Popunder ads open at the bottom of the same window, and thus, stand a higher chance of being read by the online user. They are quite cost effective, which makes them ideal for any start-up company that wants to promote itself. Many websites and companies that have an online medium for sales have started using this technique these days and are benefiting a lot with the traffic that is generated.

Contextual Ads - an Adsense Alternate

So you have jumped off the Ad Sense bandwagon for quite some time. You give something that can be done from the comfort of your home and you will find it go saturated in no time. For it is far easier sitting at home and clutter the net with all the automated tools that are available online. What happened in the last decade is a matter of interesting study for many researchers all around the world. The way people connect and come to know about any products has changed and trying the internet way is no longer an option but a way of life for many. It makes sense in finding out what is the best way to get your ads to the target audience in the quickest possible time. You have been trying to search for the best possible means and nothing seems to be the right for you. Contextual ads are the new in thing in mass advertising through the net. Random advertisements will no longer do with rising costs and increasing number of users. One needs to target the audience base depending on keyword statistics and website targeting. There are multiple ways to use contextual advertising and you may need to do some research to find more about it. Adsense is one of those platforms which works on contextual guidelines.

Contextual advertising - more generic and content oriented traffic

With the web growing at an enormous rate the older modes of advertising no longer hold good in the circumstances that we face today. If you are looking for the best possible way to get your message across and get those counts on your website or to popularize your product then contextual advertising is what you should be looking for. There are two ways to go about it , though the scope of the topic is large and there is no clear boundary for most of the approaches that successful websites take, but it can be demarcated in between these two. First is the adware or the software based advertising which will need some amount of work with free software that people download and install. This could need the toolbars to be there in the userís desktop or their browsers. This will allow keyword targeting and website or URL based targeting so that maximum exposure is possible. The other method would be to use the publisher based contextual advertising, which only allows keyword targeting. This is for advertisers who are inclined to publish their advertisements through some specific websites or group of websites with similar content. Both the systems have their own target audiences and can be great tools to market a product.

Contextual Banner Ads

The world has shrunk in the last two decades with the advent of the internet to the doorsteps of the common man and the net becoming more available and popular on a global basis. The world of advertising is no longer a local task that looks daunting. It has just exploded with the customer base shifting from different parts of the world. The whole sector of advertising is now looking forward to newer means to get their products to the limelight rather than using the traditional methods like newspapers, super bowl or magazines. The whole scene is dominated by the presence of the organic giant called the internet. People read reviews online, find out the location of any office online and do their shopping, their post shopping feedback and courier tracking all online. It is high time that you shift to the newer methods of advertisement that are available to you. The new tools target for contextual ads so that people searching for similar keywords see these ads. The best way to do so will be to go for contextual banner ads ,which will allow the user not to close any extra irritating windows or have to change the browser or add any more of the desktop software.

Contextual popunders - adware targeting

The world of media has blown up with the advent of the internet in the last two decades. More and more popular ways to advertises ones products and newer methods to get close to the target audience has come up to the forefront. With research on these sectors getting a new boost due to the introduction of faster browsers and better connectivity is giving more scope for reaching ones customer far quicker than it used to be. It makes sense to go for contextual advertising if you are looking for serious advertisement in the Internet today. Someone searching for a particular keyword will be more interested in a similar advertisement rather than some random popup that would rather get into the list of irritants that hurt many of the web experiences. Browsers come with plugins to remove these kind of intrusions, so it is always better for one to try the new popunder methods of contextual advertisement. Adwares today have come a long way and targeting them for your popunders are the best. It does not come out as a extra widget or a window that one has to remove continuously. The popunders come up at the bottom of the browser where people usually do not wait for anything critical.

Focused keyword advertising

If you are launching a new product in the market today or are looking forward to get your old product online so that it can reach more and more people and you can increase your audience base, then you have to go for the best ways to do so. There are a large number of ways using which people make their presence in the net visible to a random or a new section of customers that they did not know, existed. The whole new approach to focused keyword advertising has taken new meaning with the advent of contextual advertisement systems available to one today. You need to find out what suits you best when it comes to contextual or focused keyword advertising. There are two broad ways in which you can approach it, the first being adware or desktop software based approach which will need extra toolbars on the users browsers; they will part of the free software that the user will install. The other way to approach it will be to use website based targeting where a group of websites with similar contents will open up bids and you can place your ads in those websites based on whether or not you make it in the bid.

URL targeted advertising

The whole new concept of being online whether it is a person or a company has taken a new dimension with the advent of major companies launching new and quick ways to reach their customers. Today all the big players exist online and make it a organic entity that is growing by the second. There is no way you would be able to dribble through all these obstacles of website stocking that happens when the products are not able to market themselves in a streamlined way. It is the right time for contextual advertising to take your business forward, as there are a large number of methods which you can apply to get your product the limelight that it deserves. While you can choose contextual advertising for you benefit but you need to do some research as to what will suit you the best as there are multiple ways to go about contextual advertising. The URL targeted approach is the best way to do so as you can target keywords, URLs, websites and retarget them for your own benefit. You can take professional help in such cases and do some market research as which adware will be best suited for you and then bid for them so that they get installed together with the software on the userís computer.

Behavior Targeting with Adware Platform

The world of the web is now a looming empowering force and one needs to know the ways about it to make use of this giant. Millions of people make their living out of the web and they believe in its powers and source of immense knowledge. Today you will not be surprised if you find people doing most of their research online, and the word of mouth is no longer what it used to be and reached somewhat literal levels where one cannot visualize the impacts immediately. One knows for sure that the power of net can take your business or your products to levels that traditional medium will take years and months to do. There are mass media facilities that are available to the common person with a broadband and a laptop and with some meticulous hard work and research one can target the best possible audience for his or her product with the help of the net. With statistical analysis and extrapolation behavioral targeting can be done using the platform of adware that will allow one to bid for free software that get installed in peoples browsers and desktops and then use URL targeting or keyword targeting to reach the best possible audience.

Role Of Keyword Targeted Inventory In Advertising

The whole world has changed in the last two decades or so with the dot com boom and eventual crash in the late 90s. But the internet has attained the position of the global super power with its organic arms and legs getting in to the nervous system of the worlds business and economic life. It is a great source of people networking or the social networking where people use the powers of the word of mouth through the use of face book walls or chat or status updates or emails. The power of the net cannot be put in simple words or in a small paragraph. The power definitely provides a huge platform for one to get in touch with his or her customer base at a much faster rate, whether it is the launch of a new product or any updates that you may want to provide. There are communities that virtually live online and buy, review and provide feedback of all their shopping activities online. To target keywords and to have a keyword inventory would be the right way to go about it. Random advertising without setting proper goals will not help with the current trends where people are looking for quicker ways to get genuine and better products. Contextual advertising uses this fact to reach the targeted end users too, contextual ads are keyword driven and powers the advertising arena.