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Article Topics

  • Adware popunder is better than Publisher popunders
  • If you are considering using a good advertising campaign for promoting your online business then you can opt for contextual popunder. There are different kinds of options available to the advertiser. If you want to draw traffic to your website then you can choose adware popunder

  • Popunder Ads - Annoying but still an aggressive way of online Advertising
  • Popunder ads have always been criticized by people as they are annoying and get in peopleís way. But the importance or the efficiency of these display media advertising can not be ignored. It is considered to be an aggressive way of online advertising which demands that user look up and notice them.

  • Arbitrage traffic
  • Arbitrage traffic is the process of buying the traffic and selling it to another market and making profit from it. In online media arbitrage traffic is linked with the website traffic and enables the seller to make profit through it. The buyer can buy the online ad traffic through a cheaper market and sell it to another market at a higher price

  • Banner Contextual ads
  • Banner ads have always been popular with the website owners who wish to promote themselves and divert traffic to their website. It is a good way to catch the target consumerís attention. In recent years, banner contextual ads have become more popular as they are more efficient.

  • Why Full Page popunders are best?
  • Different websites are now making use of various popunder advertisements to reach out the target clients. Many of them prefer to choose the full page popunders that are considered to be better. The full screen windows are able to enjoy a better visibility and are thus apt for this purpose.

  • Contextual popunder advertising with Casino industry
  • The casino industry that runs online casinos can benefit a lot with the help of contextual popunder advertising. The popularity of casino has always been high and with online casino, the casino lovers can play their favorite games online.

  • Casino Popunder Traffic demand
  • The demand of popunder advertisement has increased tremendously and especially so with the casino sites. They use the popunder traffic to reach out to people who would like to play online casino and the ad is able to divert their attention to the online gaming site easily.

  • Contextual advertising types
  • Contextual advertising has become very popular and is used extensively by online business owners. In this kind of advertisement, the information advertised on the webpage changes as per the userís requirement. For instance, if you are in food business then you can add your advertisement to the other food related websites.

  • Contextual advertising demand growth in last 2 yrs
  • In case of contextual advertisement, the ad is in context to what the client is searching for and has a good chance of getting viewed by him. For instance, if someone is visiting a site that deals with flight booking then an advertisement related to hotel bookings or cheap discount fares may be of interest to him.

  • Growing demand of contextually targeted ads
  • Contextually targeted ads refer to the advertisement that makes use of a particular keyword, which is related to main website. It is considered to be very effective as the keyword that is used here is search engine optimized and can divert the traffic to the advertised website easily.

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