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Popunder Ads - Annoying but still an aggressive way of online Advertising

Popunder ads have always been criticized by people as they are annoying and get in peopleís way. But the importance or the efficiency of these display media advertising can not be ignored. It is considered to be an aggressive way of online advertising which demands that user look up and notice them. It catches the target consumerís attention and is able to divert them to the advertised website. This way you are able to get the right traffic at your website by using the annoying yet aggressive online marketing. The popunder ads appear in a separate window and are quite similar to popup ads. The popup ads are however more annoying as they appear over the userís window. If you want that the popunder ads that you use for your website should be able to bring in good traffic at your site then you should choose contextual popunder ads. These are relevant to the target consumerís interest and are able to draw better quality traffic. They are aggressive but not be that annoying in this case. You can buy your popunder ads traffic through online media company and promote your site better. This kind of advertisement also helps the advertiser to get better Alexa traffic ranking.