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Adware popunder is better than Publisher popunders

If you are considering using a good advertising campaign for promoting your online business then you can opt for contextual popunder. There are different kinds of options available to the advertiser. If you want to draw traffic to your website then you can choose adware popunder instead of the publisher popunders as the former is more efficient.
In case of adware popunder, the user first downloads free software and a part of the software monitors the userís activity. It sends that report to the web server and then advertises popunder ads which are related to the userís interest. Thus it is more useful to the user as compare to the publisher popunders which are attached to the different website.
In case of the publisher popunders, the user can block it easily. The popunder and pop up blocking options can block the publisher popunders but they fail to do so in case of the adware popunders. This is why it is best to use adware popunder ads for advertising your online business and for diverting quality traffic to your website. With popunder ads, the advertiser is able to catch the userís attention and since the popunder is of the userís interest, there is a higher chance of him clicking on the ad.