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Targeting contextual advertising using Adserver platforms

The Adserver platforms are very useful for the online advertisers as it helps them to monitor how the targeting contextual advertising is working. The Adserver is software that is downloaded to the userís computer when he downloads specific free software. The software the monitors the userís usage and also maintains the information about what are the things that interest him. The information collected in the software is then sent to the Adserver platforms. The advertisers need this information so that they can monitor the target clientís behavior. The information received through the Adserver platforms help them to use the right kind of target contextual advertisement which can divert traffic to their website easily.
Using contextual ads for reaching out to the target clients helps you to divert quality traffic to your website. The information obtained through the Adserver platforms would help the advertiser to know what kind of information the user wants and then it can show popunder advertisements that are related to it.
The popunder contextual ads are used by the advertisers these days as they are contextual and are apt at diverting quality traffic to your site. Using Adserver platforms for monitoring the user behavior also helps you to know if the popunder are efficient enough or not.