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Contextual advertising types

Contextual advertising has become very popular and is used extensively by online business owners. In this kind of advertisement, the information advertised on the webpage changes as per the userís requirement. For instance, if you are in food business then you can add your advertisement to the other food related websites. When the target consumers would visit that site then your advertisement would also be visible to them. Since it is of their interest, the probability of them clicking on the ad is high and you can divert them to your site easily.
When it comes to contextual advertising types, then people have a good number of options like popunder advertisement, sponsored advertisement, and in-text contextual advertising. Of these the popunder advertisements have become very popular and are used extensively. In this kind of an advertisement a special advertisement window opens up beneath the main website so it does not annoy or disturb the user. The target consumer gets to see it when he closes the main window and since it is in context to what they are looking for, it gets his attention easily. The sponsored ads appear on the right side of the main page under the said banner while the in-text contextual advertisement appears within the text used in the website.