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Why Full Page popunders are best?

Different websites are now making use of various popunder advertisements to reach out the target clients. Many of them prefer to choose the full page popunders that are considered to be better. The full screen windows are able to enjoy a better visibility and are thus apt for this purpose. The website owners can use the full page popunder window to advertise new products or to inform the target clients of their latest products and services.
The full page popunder are large in size and therefore easily visible to the target clients. It gives the advertisers better screen space and he can use it to make the advertisement more alluring. Since you have bigger space you can utilize it for images, videos and other elements that can catch the target client’s interest. It can be used to give out more details and is therefore more useful for the target clients.
Since the popunders open up beneath the main website page, it doesn’t disturb or annoy the user. He is sure to notice the window when he shuts down the main page. When you use bigger window for popunder advertisement then you are able to catch their attention easily. Using a contextual popunder advertisement can also help you to generate traffic to your site and can reach out to your target consumers efficiently.