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Package Name -- Sports Popunder Traffic
Geography Available -- All
Adunit -- Full page / 800x600
Ip Frequency capping -- 1/24 hrs to 1/30 Days
Traffic type -- Adware / Desktop / Toolbar / Publisher Traffic Sources
Total Delivery -- 100K
Day Parting -- Available
Min Floor rates (CPM) -- $6
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Diverting sports popunder traffic to your own website is convenient as it helps you to reach out to the target clients and promotes your company effectively. Using popunder ads on the sports website helps you to divert their traffic to your website. It is especially useful for the websites which are related to sports and would require traffic which is interested in the same. When you use sports popunder traffic service then the chances of the popunder ad getting attention is high. If people are interested in knowing more about the website then they can click on the link mentioned in the popunder window.
The popunder windows are highly effective in getting the desired traffic to your website. They are basically contextual advertising which means that they are related to what the user is searching for. This is why they have a better chance of being viewed by the target consumers who are visiting the sports website. The popunder windows appear beneath the main window and do not interrupt the user. It is visible to him only after he shuts the main window and catches his attention easily. You can easily use the sports popunder traffic by using attractive ads and other visuals.