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Package Name -- SERBIA Popunder Traffic
Geography -- Serbian
Adunit -- Full page / 800x600
Ip Frequency capping -- 1/24 hrs to 1/30 Days
Traffic type -- Adware / Desktop / Toolbar / Publisher Traffic Sources
Total Delivery -- 20K
Day Parting -- Available
Category selection -- Available
Min Floor rates (CPM) -- $4
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Serbia has a good number of internet users and the online businesses can thus do good. As per the internet user survey of Serbia, 2007, almost 26.3 % of houses have access to the internet. So you can easily get the Serbia traffic by using the most appropriate online advertising tool. If you are aiming at getting quality traffic at your website then the best way is to use popunder ads which can help you get good Serbian popunder traffic. The popunder ads can be set according to a particular location and can filter the consumers on the basis of age, gender etc. this means that the advertisement appears only to people in Serbia and you can try to divert them to your website.
For relevant Serbian popunder traffic that can be turned into potential clients, it is best to opt for contextual ads. The contextual popunders are linked with specific keywords and URLs and are triggered off only when the user searches for the same. The probability of him clicking on the popunder is high and you can enjoy a good click through rate. Designing the popunder ads efficiently is important and you should try to make it alluring by using appealing graphics. A company that deals with online media can help you design the ad and can get you good Serbia popunder traffic.