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Package Name -- ROMANIA Popunder Traffic
Geography -- Romania
Adunit -- Full page / 800x600
Ip Frequency capping -- 1/24 hrs to 1/30 Days
Traffic type -- Adware / Desktop / Toolbar / Publisher Traffic Sources
Total Delivery -- 20K
Day Parting -- Available
Category selection -- Available
Min Floor rates (CPM) -- $4
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Using popunder ads for promoting your online business in Romania can turn out to be eventful. The country has about 7.8 million internet user and you can bank upon online advertisement to get you good Romania popunder traffic which can help you do good business. The popunder ads enjoy a good success rate with the target consumers and this is why the advertisers prefer to use them in their ad campaign. The popularity of popunders has increased tremendously in the past few years. This is because they are highly effective as compared to the other kinds of advertisement. These ads can fit into the advertisers budget also and this is they are preferred.
To get the right Romania popunder traffic you need to use quality popunder ads that are flashed only to the potential consumers. In this event, you need to use contextual popunders which are related to what the user may be searching for. In case of the contextual ads, the popunders are linked with specific URLís and keywords that are related to your site and to the userís search. This way you are able to draw the Romania popunder traffic at your website easily and can then turn them into potential costumers.