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Package Name -- NETHERLANDS Popunder Traffic
Geography -- Dutch
Adunit -- Full page / 800x600
Ip Frequency capping -- 1/24 hrs to 1/30 Days
Traffic type -- Adware / Desktop / Toolbar / Publisher Traffic Sources
Total Delivery -- 125K
Day Parting -- Available
Category selection -- Available
Min Floor rates (CPM) -- $3
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Promoting yourself to the Dutch is convenient with the popunder ads. Using popunder ads for promoting your online business is a good idea as it is one of the most the developed economies. The country enjoys a high number of internet users and you can thus use online advertisement to get the right Dutch popunder traffic for your online business. Advertising is an important tool for any business as that itís what helps the business owners to reach out to the target consumers and promote their brand effectively. You can easily turn the Dutch popunder traffic into potential clients and can do good business.
Most of the online businesses prefer to use popunder ads to get the Dutch popunder traffic. The popunder ads are contextual in nature and they are linked with specific keywords and URLs which are related to the advertiserís website. So when someone searches for these URLs and keywords, they get to see the popunder ads also and can get to know about the website. If they find it attractive and useful enough then they have a good chance of clicking on the ad and are then directed to your website. You can contact a good online media company that can help you design your popunder ad easily.