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Package Name -- GREECE Popunder Traffic
Geography -- Greece
Adunit -- Full page / 800x600
Ip Frequency capping -- 1/24 hrs to 1/30 Days
Traffic type -- Adware / Desktop / Toolbar / Publisher Traffic Sources
Total Delivery -- 50K
Day Parting -- Available
Category selection -- Available
Min Floor rates (CPM) -- $3
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Greece is the considered to be the birthplace of democracy and Olympic Games. This is where the major scientific and mathematical principles evolved. The country is doing well in terms of economy and communications. As per the early 2011 statistics, the country has about 2,252,653 broadband connections. So using Greece popunder traffic to promote your business can turn to be very helpful. Since the country has good internet coverage, you can promote your online business to the resident here easily and can do good business.
The popunder ads are considered to be effective in promoting your business and helps in reaching out to the right target consumers. These ads can be set on the basis of particular country, can be directed at people of a particular age group and so on. You can also get additional revenues and linking other popunder ads with your website. The Greece popunder traffic packages are provided by the online media companies that design and provide services related to contextual popunder traffic. The popunder ads are economical and effective and are related to what the user is searching for. This enables you to get people who are interested in knowing more about your products and services. You can then turn the Greece popunder traffic into potential customers easily.