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Contextual advertising demand growth in last 2 yrs

The demand for contextual advertising has increased manifolds and especially so in the last 2 years. The website is increasingly using this marketing tool to divert target traffic to their site and market it efficiently. Employing this tool ensures that the website can get to attract the target traffic to their site and is therefore more useful for them.
In case of contextual advertisement, the ad is in context to what the client is searching for and has a good chance of getting viewed by him. For instance, if someone is visiting a site that deals with flight booking then an advertisement related to hotel bookings or cheap discount fares may be of interest to him. In this case he would click on the ad and is diverted to your website.
With the increasing usage of internet, the usability of contextual advertisement has also increased tremendously. It is able to generate the right traffic to your website and this is why is considered to be better. It helps advertisers to get quality traffic and the users also get to know a site which is of their interest. In-site contextual ad, banner ad, popunder ads etc. are some of the popular types of advertisement that are used by these sites.