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Banner Contextual ads

Banner ads have always been popular with the website owners who wish to promote themselves and divert traffic to their website. It is a good way to catch the target consumerís attention. In recent years, banner contextual ads have become more popular as they are more efficient. In case of contextual ads, the banner ads posted on the website is related to it so that it is of userís interest.
The banner contextual ads are more interactive in nature and are related to what the user is searching for. For instance, if you are into computer business then you can use banner contextual ads and advertise it on another website that also deals with computer peripherals. The target consumers who would be visiting that site would notice the banner ad and might click on it to get directed to your site. Thus the contextual ads are more effective in diverting the target traffic to your website.
In order to make the banner contextual ads more efficient make sure that you add the relevant keywords to it. It should also have good visuals in the form of videos and photographs so that the target clients may find it appealing and click on the link. Many companies have started using this marketing tool and find it to be very effective.