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Growing demand of contextually targeted ads

Contextually targeted ads refer to the advertisement that makes use of a particular keyword, which is related to main website. It is considered to be very effective as the keyword that is used here is search engine optimized and can divert the traffic to the advertised website easily. The effectiveness of these contextually targeted ads has made it very popular with the website owners and demand for the same has grown tremendously.
The contextual ads are relevant to the main website that the user is visiting. Because of this the person visiting the main site might find the popunder contextual ads to be useful. In this case the probability of clicks on the advertisement increases and the traffic is diverted to the advertised easily. This is why the contextually targeted ads are considered to be very effective and are very popular with website owners.
Contextual targeted ads are meant for a set target and this is why the demand for the same has grown. For instance, if your website is related to health and well being then you can use the contextual popunder to advertise your site on other health related website. The traffic visit the other site would then see the popunder ad and can be directed to your site easily.